Why have we contacted you?

  • Your account has been passed to us by another organisation who you have a debt with – this could be your bank, your credit card provider, your gas/electricity company or another organisation
  • They’ve appointed us to take over recovery of an outstanding balance and to make contact with you to discuss repayment of your debt on their behalf
  • If you look at the letter received from us it will confirm who has passed your account to us under the ‘working on behalf’ section. This means that if you contact the original company they will ask you to speak to us about the outstanding balance on your account now
  • We now need to get in contact with you to agree an affordable way for you to make payments towards the outstanding balance. You can call us on 01482 484673  or write to us here
  • If we don’t hear from you we will make additional attempts to get in contact with you, in writing and by phone
  • If you contact us it allows you to take control of your situation and put in place a repayment plan that you can afford to help you reduce your debt burden
  • We can offer you flexible repayment options to suit your circumstances and these may be better for you than the options you’ve been offered before

Do you have a question? Read our FAQ's or Contact us for more information.