Our commitments to you


Our Commitments

Please review all of our commitments below. We are dedicated to providing you with a professional prompt service so if there is anything you feel that contradicts anything below make sure to let us know by contacting us.

  • We will speak to you politely, with courtesy and will provide you with clear and accurate information about your account.
    Our staff do not follow scripts or guides. We encourage them to engage in great conversations to ensure we reach the best outcomes.
  • There will be no interest or charges incurred on your account from Wescot.
    Wescot do not add interest and charges to your account. While your account is with us, repayments made will be deducted in full from the balance.
  • We will support you in agreeing and achieving an appropriate outcome.
    Our agents will work with you to understand your circumstances to agree the best solution.
  • We will work with you to identify affordable and sustainable repayment arrangements which are based on your individual circumstances.
    We will never make unreasonable demands or ask you to pay more than you can afford.
  • If you need help with your finances we can provide details of free and impartial debt advice agencies and give you more time.
    You can find details of these agencies here.
  • We offer a range of repayment methods and will set your repayment due date to the day of the month or week that suits you best.
    Our advisors will discuss and agree flexible repayment methods and dates with you that best suit you and your circumstances.
  • We will provide you with a variety of options for how to contact us and will never use premium rate telephone numbers.
    We understand that everyone is different and we will try to communicate with you in the way which suits you best.
  • We continually invest in our people to deliver high service standards to support you.
    We also engage with charities such as Money Advice Trust and other organisations to improve colleagues’ skills in various specialist areas.

Do you have a question? Read our FAQ's or Contact us for more information.